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Welcome! I'm Amber, and this is a blog filled with love, happiness, and craziness. I'm a 20-something mama, full-time traffic manager for CCME, and full-time college student. My daughter, Elodie, who you will see a lot of, is the light of my life. In August 2013, my very best friend, David, popped the Big Question - of course I said "Yes!!!" I'm insanely passionate for the ocean. And giraffes. El is currently obsessed with Disney Jr.

What would you do-ooh-ooh? For a Klondike ice cream cookie sandwich! - day sixteen 🍪🍦 #100happydays

This right here? Heaven - day fifteen #100happydays #chocolatecoveredpeeps #thefollowing

Lovely blooms on the tree next to my parking spot at the office - day fourteen (again from yesterday) #100happydays

I missed my girl this weekend. Loving our family cuddle time while watching “that singers show” (aka, The Voice) - day thirteen #100happydays

Best wedding bus ever!!!!!!! Day twelve #100happydays

Haven’t been on one of these in nearly ten years! My sweet ride to the wedding. Such a great idea so guests don’t have to worry about having a DD.

Aldie Mansion. Such a gorgeous venue - day eleven #100happydays (from yesterday)

I love my job. Got a sweet little Easter basket for El today. 🐰🍬🌼

Chilly, but beautiful spring weather - day ten #100happydays

Took a VIP tour of @dogfishbeer today with a few friends. Informational and fun - day nine #100happydays

The oldest surviving tap handle #offcentered #dogfishhead

#offcentered #dogfishhead VIP tour today

Lying in bed has never felt this amazing! Agility X just about killed me - day eight #100happydays

First day of P90X3 complete - day seven #100happydays


Iggy Azalea (Karen), Amber Rose (Gretchen), Ed Sheeren (Cady), and Waka Flocka Flame (Regina) reenact the phone call scene in Mean Girls.

what is happening here

This is important.

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